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Our Donors

As a newly founded nonprofit, we are still growing and one of the best, most helpful ways to support us is committing to giving a monthly donation! This will help us build our operations and team. As you know, we stand by our word in giving 100% of our donations to our cause and projects but in the last few years that means very little funding comes in for our operations. Without the organization, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do! Below are a few of our current dedicated donors who support us each and every month to grow, expand and attain our organizational goals. We love you!


“I firmly believe we are who we are and where we are not only due to our own efforts but also thru the kindness and generosity of others. I know I have benefited greatly from the kindness and generosity of friends, family and strangers who gave and asked for nothing in return. I wanted to be part of an organization that can reach out and help the most vulnerable in our societies. The global reach and grassroots approach of ForTheUnseen is the best way for me & my family to help other families and make the world a little better & kinder.”

Charnes C.

Passion & Commitment to Serve

For the Unseen is run by a lean and dedicated team with a common goal to alleviate the pain and suffering of the unseen around the round. We strive to do this with sustainable projects to dignify and empower communities with pathways to a happy and healthy life. Click on the + sign below each team member to learn more about them.

PUNEH ALAIFounder & Board Member

Puneh Ala’i is the founder of For The Unseen, a not-for-profit serving those in need the world over. Puneh was raised by immigrant parents who raised her with the belief that “Mankind is One” and service is a key factor in contributing to this life. Puneh’s vision to create For The Unseen was ignited in a small war-torn corner of the world – Syria. If you had asked her when she was there a few years ago, she would have never imagined she would be the founder of a 501c3 organization that has provided thousands of dollars of medical aid, food, toys, and even schooling to the Syrian refugees. Puneh has worked with children ever since she can remember, but working with Syrian refugee children was a transformational experience. Even in the midst of war, despair, loss, and nothingness, their purity and love can shine through and prevailed. It was with this flame of love and hope in her heart that Puneh established For The Unseen. She wants to reach out over the world and help serve those in need with food, shelter, medical support, but most of all love and hope. She believes that in the path of service, it is only love and hope that can truly heal wounds and help them overcome the challenges they face.

Attorney Shadi Ala’i Shaffer was elected Board Member due to her committed service to children and the under served of the world. Shadi’s volunteer service work began in her teens and led her to Lithuania where she lived for three months to help orphaned children in the Baltic region. The service project helped rehab orphanages making it safer, cleaner, and more beautiful for the kids. During her stay, the service team helped many kids improve their hygiene, stay away from smoking/alcohol, and improve their school skills and virtues. Years later, Shadi would speak to at-risk youth in the secondary school system throughout Southern California on the importance of staying in school and considering college as a possibility in their career path. Shadi herself is the first U.S. born child of immigrant parents, she is the first in her family to complete her college studies and get her J.D. degree in law. Shadi also served on the Board of the Pacific Youth Symphony Ensemble for Orange County promoting the arts throughout the community. She also serves as a Board Member for Stand Up For Kids – a nonprofit organization that helps fight against youth homelessness in Orange County.
Attorney Patrick Phancao was elected as a Board Member because of his exposure to international issues, especially pertaining to civil wars within third world countries. Patrick was raised primarily in France and Congo where his family survived several civil upheavals stemming from the Congo. He has seen first hand the remnants of what a war could do to individuals and families. When Patrick came to America, he vowed never to let go of the life lessons he had learned during these difficult times. “For The Unseen” was the type of organization he had been searching for, and is now happy to contribute whatever time, knowledge, and expertise he can bring to the cause. After all, the founder had a rather humble request to ask of him “Will you help me in my quest for world peace” she asked? Who could say no that? Attorney Phancao is a practitioner in the field of Asset Protection and Estate Planning. He dedicates his work to protecting families, and ensuring the children are always protected. He believed his best bet at making a contribution would be to start at the root of all societies – the family unit.
Muhannad Barazi is a Syrian-American, born and raised in southern California. His father and mother are both from Syria and he grew up with one brother and two sisters, all of whom were born in California as well. He is tremendously influenced by his father’s peaceful and non-violent activism in the areas of history, politics, humanitarian aid, and philosophy. Muhannad was a physics major, professional MMA fighter and an athletic trainer. He married his long time best friend, who supports him greatly in his work as an international humanitarian. They currently live together in Southern California with their two beautiful daughters. Muhannad is a board executive with Neocell Corporation and has worked with various missions and projects assisting Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey. Muhannad and Puneh have crossed paths numerous times with their work for Syrian refugees. He is very inspired by her spirit and motivation to work with the people of his fatherland as well as support all the “unseen” people in the world.
Kirsten Holland serves as the newsletter coordinator for For The Unseen.  In 2012, she had the opportunity to study in Amman, Jordan, and saw first-hand the impact violence in neighboring countries was having on Jordan and the region as a whole.  When Kirsten heard about the amazing work For The Unseen was doing to help Syrian refugees, she was eager to get involved, spread the word, and help build support for the organization.  She is responsible for generating content for monthly e-newsletters that help people around the world stay up to date on For The Unseen’s exciting and meaningful work.  Kirsten lives in Washington, DC, where she works for a boutique government affairs consulting firm.  Her work primarily focuses on legislative policy and advocacy pertaining to the environment, public transportation, and health care.  She holds a BA in International Studies and Political Science from Elon University.
JESSICA SHYCreative Director

As the Creative Director, Jessica oversees the execution of creative strategy in most of our events and fundraising efforts. Jessica has been an active volunteer with For the Unseen since 2013 and now serves in a greater capacity for the cause. She began her journey in charity work as a child influenced by her parents own giving nature as a volunteer – from everything to planting trees to reading to preschoolers to painting orphanages to teaching art to underprivileged children. As an artist and art teacher, her love for art and giving to those in need often go hand in hand – in 2014, Jessica co-led an art supply drive for an art school program in a low income neighborhood in Santa Ana. It doesn’t just stop there, she also volunteered her time in college art labs in San Diego and Orange County. “The ability to use my skills in the arts and education and my passion for a connected humanity has always been my number one goal.” Jessica will always continue to give and hope to inspire others in the process.

One People

One World

One Mission

Get Connected

For the Unseen connects with leaders and communities all over the world to learn how to best serve and where to find the people who need help.

Being seen brings their personal stories — and their souls — back to life. The direct interaction shows they are not alone; it helps inspire and empower these unseen individuals to continue living.