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Sustainable Projects

We are committed to finding sustainable humanitarian projects that will alleviate the suffering of the unseen communities around the world. We strive to provide opportunities that dignify these individuals and provide pathways toward a self-sustaining and happy life for those who have undergone tremendous hardship and suffering.

Birds of Hope (Tuyoor Al-Amal)
2013 – Present

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In November 2013, large groups of Syrian families had been deported to Lebanon refugee camps with depraved living conditions. Mustafa Al Haj, a professor and education professional from Syria, was drawn to create a learning environment for those children, many whom had lost a parent or were simply left to their own demise. He knew that through education, a new outlook on life could be instilled within these youths. For The Unseen knew that a small footprint could start right there, especially with the help of Mustafa, a local and trusted leader.

On opening day, 350 students enrolled. To demonstrate each and everyone of those children the importance of their voice and presence, each received the opportunity to vote on the name of the school. What more, each one participated in the creation of the school logo, and so Birds of Hope (in arabic, Tuyoor Al-Amal) was birthed.

Tuyoor Al-Amal offers classes for displaced Syrian children, grades 1 through 9. The curriculum has a broad education based format, ranging from Math, English, Science, Arabic, Religion, Art and Physical Education. The mission of the school is to instill in every student that despite horrible conditions, they can gain strength and self-reliance through education. But most importantly, despite having been victims of their forefathers, they could be the agents of change.

The psychological transformation witnessed in these students has been nothing short of incredible. Learning to accept living in a safe environment once again, the healing has begun, and these children have now found a safe home which they themselves have helped create.

Since 2013, the institution has grown to accommodate over 2,000 students, and employs 67 incredibly committed human beings as teachers and school facilitators. The demand has grown in excess of what the school could possibly provide. In order to help such overflow, there is now a second school building that is being used to fulfill the needs of these Syrian children.

Cambodian Kids Center
2016 – Present

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Cambodia is a country that has been racked by political upheaval, corruption, and violence for decades. A coup in 1970 deposed the king and put the Khmer Rouge in power.  This group was ultimately responsible for carrying out a four-year genocide that left around a quarter of the country’s total population dead.  While the Khmer Rouge was deposed by the Vietnamese in 1979, Cambodia’s political system has been plagued by corruption and instability ever since, which has contributed to widespread poverty and a lack of political freedom.

The turbulent political situation in the country has led floods of Cambodians to flee to neighboring Thailand over the years.  Yet in many cases, they remain impoverished.  One of the biggest challenges facing the Cambodian population in Thailand is the prohibitive cost of Thai schools.  As a result, many Cambodian children were left to roam the streets of Thailand aimlessly during the day, missing out on the opportunity to go to school and the potential to improve their lives.

Observing the plight of these children, a generous and caring man named Uan stepped in to create the Cambodian Kids Center in Koh Chang, Thailand.  This Center provides a structured environment for these children to play, eat, and learn during the week while their Thai counterparts are in school.  Puneh recently had the opportunity to visit this Center, meet Uan and the children, and observe the conditions in which they live, learn, and play.

Now, eight years on, Uan continues to pick these children up every weekday between 7 and 8amWhen they arrive at the Kids Center, the children’s days are comprised of a combination of playing and learning.  Their education is piecemeal, largely dependent on what the current batch of volunteers is able to teach. After dropping the kids off each day, Uan goes out to get ingredients for their lunch.  He calls upon a couple of the kids to help him prepare the meal from scratch each day, ensuring the kids receive at least one nutritious meal each day while also learning the valuable skill of cooking.

For The Unseen has begun to help Uan renovate the building by providing new flooring, new screens with wood, remodeling the kitchen, painting the walls and improving other critical amenities to improve the kids’ well-being, comfort, and happiness. We are hopeful to also provide a new playground but this will only be possible with generous donations from people like you! Please consider giving what you can to For The Unseen to help us, and in turn, give these kids a more comfortable kids center that they need and deserve! Many many thanks, or as they say in Thailand, kòp kun!

Congo Project
TBA 2017/2018

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This is the story of a family comprised of children left to themselves.

The Republic of Congo remains one of the poorest country in the world, ranking 44 in its regional ranking… Out of 46 ( (Eritrea and Zimbabwe). Corruption remains pervasive, and the lack of infrastructure has challenged the nation on many grounds. In a nation where stability is a luxury, adults are often found roaming the streets in search of work to cover the day’s needs. The civil wars that have gone on for decades has left its people in a state of despair, and too many have lost hope.

In such an environment, too many children are left to fend for themselves.

The FTU Board realizes the turmoil that lies in the Congo is a dragon too big even for its ambitious Board Members. This is not to say that a difference cannot be made for a family, even if just one!

In the early 2000’s, an FTU Member befriended a group of children that happened to live next to him in Brazzaville, Congo. As time went on, it became apparent that the story of these little kids was cause for great concern. Children of a prostitute mother, these children would be left for days, and sometimes weeks to care for themselves and each other. Often times, they would not know when their mother would come home, if at all. Then one day, the worse happened. The mother had contracted AIDS, and it was just a question of time.

In September of 2008, the mother passed away.

Some distant Uncles and Aunts would come by periodically and care for them as much as possible. Their helping hand could only go so far. As of the writing of this article, some of these children have grown into young adults, some have chosen to walk the straight path, while others have fallen. However, despite all the adversities, their bond has remained intact. A bond that cannot be oblivious to the hands of reality. Now scattered in the city and some in its suburbs of Brazzaville, they have the opportunity to communicate and see each other only so often.

The one constant FTU wishes to bring to these children is something many of us in the Western World take for granted – a home. With the humble donation requested above, we simply wish to provide the children you see a place where they will no longer have to fear being torn away from one another. Will it resolve their daily struggle? Not at all. But it is a start, and in a country where children are often left with no voice, we wish to impart with them a whisper of hope.

01. Land Acquisition: $40,000
02. Build out or improvement on existing structure: $30,000
03. Expenses for deed / contract / legal ownership: $15,000
04. Administrative including travel / accommodations: $10,000
05. Miscellaneous: $5,000
Total approximately $95,000

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